I remember how this goes…

I’m going to get back on this horse.  If nothing else this can be a way to keep track of workouts, and provide some external accountability.  For January (read: manuary #2) I’ve been posting most of my workouts and other (somewhat) manly feats through Facebook.  The simple act of posting the workouts in a public way has caused me to think more deliberately about what exercises I’m doing, mixing up muscle groups, and enjoying the public recognition of my PRs.

I’m still going to use this blog for writing about education, and other thoughts, but I want to explicitly add the exercise component.  Today was a rest day.  First posted WOD will be tomorrow.

For now here are some Current PRs and Goals:

Deadlift:  295 | 340 (2x bodyweight)
Back Squat: 225 | 300
Bench Press: ?? | 225
Push-ups: 52 unbroken | 100
Pull-ups: ?? | 50 unbroken
Doubleunders: 22 (unbroken) | 50
Ring Muscle-ups: ?? | 10 (unbroken)
HSPU: 5 | 15
Ring Dips: 5 | 30
5k: 25min | 18min

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