Soundtrack for St. Valentine’s Day

The first thing I thought was “what the hell is this poppy garbage?”  Then, at 5:45 in the morning while making breakfast, I  couldn’t stop dancing around the kitchen in my socks.  I looked like a complete fool and there was nothing in the world that could stop me.  I played the song twice in a row.

I’d been completely entrapped by the webs of Fol Chen’s “So Good” which absolutely lives up to it’s name.  So catchy.  So happy.  Simply put it was a fantastic way to start my day, and I have KEXP’s “Music That Matter’s Podcast” to thank for it.  I don’t like everything I hear on KEXP and each DJ has a strong point of view, but the occasional diamonds are more than worth the effort of sifting through the rubble.

The podcast finished with a couple more nice tracks and I swapped the iPod into random-everything mode for the drive into work and my mood altered with the music.  Sometimes I think my iPod takes on a mind of its own, most of the time I’d say it’s fairly benign (to be fair I have a nano and curate it regularly so it’s not like my entire music library is at my fingertips) but today the little beast was on a mission.

After a brief warm-up of non-comittal rock and latin Hip Hop it went full strength take-no-prisoners mode.

Tool:  “The Grudge”
Saul Williams: “Reparations”
Good Riddance: “Libertine”

By the time I got to school at 6:15 the calm, bubbly, pleasure of Fol Chen was completely pushed aside and I was all kinds of ready to kick ass and take names.  It was probably a good thing too given the circumstances.

Valentines day at a school is a seriously bizarre experience not unlike a red and pink version of Halloween.  Just swap  awesome zombies for hearts and flowers.  The evidence of sugar rush was readily apparent even in first period.  7:30 AM and I had students coming in with cupcakes, chocolates, and an unholy plethora of red and pink sugar.

As the day progressed the mental effort needed to corral the effects of a collective sugar overdose steadily increased.  By sixth period my students were in full-blown sugar crash mode.  I even caught myself wishing I’d brought some candy to perk them up.  I hadn’t.  I don’t do the candy thing with school.  It’s not my style.

I fully credit my morning musical immunization for helping me get through the day.  During my planning periods I gave myself a serious booster shot of Jay-Z and Streetlight Manifesto.  Not the most traditional combo, but I challenge anyone to not feel good about themselves after bumping “Dirt off Your Shoulders.”  It’s not classy, subtle, or elegant, but good lord it’s catchy and makes me feel like a million bucks.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine’s day and survived the sugar onslaught.

The Soundtrack:

Fol Chen: So Good Song name covers it.  Get ready to dance.

Tool: Grudge Yes, the 9 minute live version is the right choice.

Saul Williams: Reparations If you don’t know the song it’s seriously intense.  You stand warned.

Good Riddance: Libertine  Good straightforward, hardcore, political, California Punk Rock.  Brings back the best of my early punk rock music education.  They can do no wrong for me.

Jay-Z: Dirt Off Your Shoulder  NSFW, lots of swears.  It’s Jay-Z folks….

Streetlight Manifesto:  Would You Be Impressed? I totally love the animation.  Not great for work due to animated, violent, bloddy animal retribution.

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  1. I really like this piece-the energy, life, and humor of the writing is terrific! Great choice of words. I’ll have to listen to some of the tunes.

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