Sweat Beats Frustration

I didn’t do a workout yesterday.  I was up late Saturday, I was annoyed at life, and it was Sunday so I told myself I would be fine.  And I was.

Today though I tried to do the same.  I had a late meeting (4:30 is late in teacher land) and the gym would be crowded with the regular after work folks and the post-work classes by the time I got there.  I’d also get home later than usual and so it would make dinner late.  I had all kinds of excuses.

My wife encouraged me to go anyway.  She probably figured I was still a bit annoyed at life from yesterday and taxing myself physically would be good for me.  She was right.

Photo Credit: Flickr User Danka, Used under CCL.

The gym was crowded.  There was equipment being set up for circuit training classes, and I only had fifteen minutes on a squat

rack to get in a strength session before I would be relegated to a far corner of the gym so I had to work without wasting time.  I also told myself that I would be in and out of the gym in an hour or less including time to change.

5:05 I was out of the locker room and changed.  I had until about 5:20 to warm up and knock out 3 sets of 5 overhead presses for strength.

By 5:25 it was metcon time.  I gave myself a 15min AMRAP workout to make sure that
I hit my target time.

I was out by 5:45 and essentially home by 6:00.  I put in a good, dedicated 40 minutes of work and it felt good.  My mood turned around and I’m excited to go back tomorrow and put in a more intense workout.


Overhead Press:
5 @ 80lbs
5 @ 90lbs
5+ @ 105lbs (I got 8)

Metcon:  15min AMRAP

10 tire flips
4 Turkish Getups (2 each side @ 16kg)
10 pushups (hand release)
10 situps (strict)
10 sumo deadlift high pulls (16kg)

4 rounds even.  Not fancy, but it worked.  For the future:  Turkish Getups are too slow for a good metcon.

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